Celebrated and unassuming Tasmanian punk rock quartet Luca Brasi are set to unwrap their second album ‘By A Thread’.

Formed in 2009, Luca Brasi’s melodic, hard-hitting and precise punk rock did not take long to translate to the mainland. The band cut their teeth playing lounge rooms floors and filthy pubs with noisy, heart-swelling passion. 2011 debut album ‘Extended Family’, produced in their hometown with the help of mates Nic White and local hero Lincoln Le Fevre, drew inspiration from the geeky, warm punk sound pioneered by Lifetime and Jawbreaker and melded it expertly with the fiery, riff-driven punk rock of acts like A Wilhelm Scream and Polar Bear Club. The sound resonated strongly; scoring the band a spot in Triple J’s Short Fast Loud midyear report and legions of admirers the nation over. 2013’s follow up, the aptly named 7” release 'Tassie' further developed this sound and gained more ground, Kill Your Stereo proclaiming; “Luca Brasi are doing some serious good for Australian punk music at the moment.”

‘By A Thread’ highlights vocalist Tyler Richardson’s everyman lyrical refrains and the signature highly skilled guitar work of Tom Busby. This second album pushes the signature Luca Brasi sound into more dynamic territory. Eleven songs of intelligent construction with an eye for quality and considered production, delivered with all the warmth you would expect from an album recorded in the company of friends, at home in Tassie. The record was mixed by US veteran Matt Bayles, whose production and mixing work can be heard on albums by Pearl Jam, Murder City Devils and, Isis and many more.

“These angst-affected choruses may shortly be soaring from Australian backyards and into the lives of new fans the world over” - ROLLING STONE 4 / 5 stars

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