HOODLUM SHOUTS 'Horses & Human Hands' 10"

$10.00 $18.00

'Horses & Human Hands' is every bit as tense, powerful and deeply rooted in the dark side of Australia's history as their brilliant 'Young Man Old Man' album.

Beautifully brooding, 'Horses And Human Hands' by Hoodlum Shouts speaks of hardships, tragedy and refusal. Instrumentation is minimal but the way they use space and tone within the crystal clear melodies make for the perfect soundtrack to a road trip through country towns, like memories of the past in lush detail. A great meeting of a visceral voice, rumbling low-end, guitar twang/noise and loose-limbed rhythms.

FOR FANS OF: The Drones, The Nation Blue, Batpiss +++

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