HARMONY 'Diminishing Returns' 7"

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Three track 7" from Melbourne's HARMONY. Features the band's latest singles 'Diminishing Returns' and 'Cut Myself Clean'. Comes with mp3 download coupon. Original woodcut artwork by Alex Gillies.

"Diminishing Returns is a gloomy further step away from retroactivity and another step closer to meandering weirdness. Chrome dome vocals bouncing and clipping like rolling razors on a low tension trampoline. It's a medicated waltz that erupts into a carpetbombed guitar solo that explodes like clusters of dropped doom. A simian outro that reeks of primordial grime.The chorus however is probably the best chorus I have written. So good we only play it once…This song gets numerous votes around camp Harmony as our favourite new song; it's weird, it's non linear but it's still a losing cycle, it's eerily soft then primitively loud and will do nothing to help us fit in with any kind of crowd. We never learn and I just keep losing. - Tom Lyngcoln

Coasting through verse, chorus and coda like a tropical cyclone, HARMONY's sound is a mongrel concoction of gallows blues and balladry, offset by a glorious three part gospel vocal ensemble that lifts the songs out of the dark and into thrilling, yet haunting territory. HARMONY features past/ present members of The Nation Blue, McLusky and Ukeladies.

"…easily the most original band in the country right now." - Sonic Masala

“It’s great to witness a band resolutely doing their own thing and utterly excelling.” - TheMusic

“People say they’re the best band in Australia at the moment. I don’t think they’re wrong.” - Collapse Board

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