PALE HEADS (Batpiss/ Nation Blue) 'Headless' LP

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Drawn together from the darkest burrows of Melbourne's underground music landscape, PALE HEADS have disregarded all formalities, launching straight into recording their debut album after only a handful of rabid encounters. Featuring Tom Lyngcoln (Harmony/ The Nation Blue), Thom Sloane (Batpiss), Rui Periera (ex The Drones, Right!) and Xiao Zhong (Bang! Bang! Aids!) Pale Heads blast unhinged down the path of dark, dirgey Australian punk-rock, into the sewer and beyond.

It's an album of ambushing mood swings, typified by the sudden turn from thrashing speed to reflective meandering on the centrepiece, "Homeless". The guitars may dole out constant corrosion, but can also lurch into a Mascis-style solo on "Accountancy Is Hard". For all the nastiness, there's an almost radio-friendly catchiness to these overdriven anthems." - 4/5 Stars ROLLING STONE

Pale Heads are indoorsmen. Nocturnal lurkers with milk eyes. Lazy to a fault, Pale Heads have convened only five times to birth Headless, 13 furious songs predominantly about decapitation. No one this damaged is new to the party and Pale Heads all have priors for minor misunderstandings like Batpiss, The Nation Blue, Harmony, Pairs, Bang! Bang! Aids!, The Drones and Right! The four heads combined spew a different rainbow unlike anything just listed or much of anything ever listed. It’s ugly Australian, heavy and live and relentless and dense. It’s the sound of a band being born into the end of days.

"The cream of the noise crop have come together to create some buzzsaw punk as Pale Heads, as Tom Lyngcoln (The Nation Blue), Riu Periera (ex The Drones), Thom Cones (Batpiss) and Xiao Zhong (Pairs and Bang! Bang! Aids!) belt each other around at The Tote, pressed to tape." - Sonic Masala

FOR FANS OF: Hot Snakes, The Scientists, The Nation Blue, Wipers......

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