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To coincide with their first Australian tour, New York’s IRON CHIC and Poison City are teaming up to release a new limited edition 7”. Spewing forth more of the infectious, self-depracating punk-indie-rock brilliance that IRON CHIC have become renowned for, the two brand new tracks pick up exactly where ‘The Constant One’ album (Bridge 9) left off. Also includes a cover of Dead Kennedy‘s ‘Dog Bite’ as the second B-Side. Comes with MP3 download code. Limited edition - one time only pressing via Poison City Records.

“If ever a band was created for an epic singalong, it was Iron Chic. There’s that big feeling at the core of their soaring melodies as they build and rage, starting with a verse from Jason Lubrano and building to a gang singalong at the chorus in nearly every song. They’re songs that transcend the performers, taking on the personality and voice of an entire room.” - Scenepointblank

“Quite often, “pop-punk” gets used to describe something that’s actually indie rock (see: Swearin’, Japandroids), which can trigger a lot of negative biases amongst people who are fairly certain they’re not into the former. The difference lies in tone: pop-punk evokes palm-muted power chords with clean distortion and nasal vocals, whereas indie rock is most associated with shambling, jangly and fuzzy guitars with drawling vocals. Iron Chic gives you both!” - Pitchfork

“Not since the early '90s glory days of bands like Jawbreaker and Samiam has the melodic punk scene been so relevant as it has been the past few years. As a groundswell of bands playing what's been coined by some as "gruff punk" keep forming, Long Island's Iron Chic currently sit atop the heap.” - Exclaim

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