MOD CON 'Modern Condition' CD


Digipack CD Version. Artwork by Julian Hocking.

RRR & PBS Feature Album!!

Modern Condition is the eagerly awaited second long player from Melbourne trio MOD CON. Recorded with acclaimed engineer John Lee (Laura Jean, Love Of Diagrams, Blake Scott) at Phaedra Studios Melbourne, Modern Condition bottles wiry post-punk industrialism and hyper-focused world wariness with the tongue-in-cheek incendiary lyricism. The perfect extension of its predecessor’s legacy.

MOD CON is: Erica Dunn // Sara Retallick // Raquel Solier

1. Ammo
2. Cool It!
3. Learner in an Alpha
4. Mouth of Stone
5. I Saw a Rat
6. Agadir 1960
7. X-Ray
8. Is Your Heart a Joke
9. Electric Whip

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