KELSO 'Always A Godmother, Never A God' CD


Digipack CD version. KELSO 'Always A Godmother, Never A God'.

After three self-released singles, KELSO (the new project from Camp Cope bassist Kelly-Dawn Hellmrich) has just announced a debut EP ‘Always A Godmother, Never A God’ to be released October 4 via Poison City Records. Lead by the dreamy single ‘I’m Okay, Life Goes On, I Don’t Mind’ the new EP was produced, mixed & mastered by Jo Née at 3BS on Darug / Gundungurra land in Kelly's home state of NSW. KELSO’s self described ‘cute weird songs, for cute weird people’ weave together moody lo-fi/ indie pop with gentle hooks and tales of love, homesickness, loss ~ always searching for those meaningful little connections in life.

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