WOE 'Legacies Of Frailty' LP


Legacies of Frailty is the result of a few choice things. Helming the project by himself in near-isolation, Grigg methodically and near-completely took over the recording, his first solo album since 2007's A Spell for the Death of Man. Though this seems like a brash move, having had a full band since 2010, Grigg's control of the songwriting process has been a consistent element in Woe's existence.

Taking a darker, faster, and even more aggressive approach this time around, Legacies of Frailty's concept mirrors Grigg's performance and songwriting. Co-produced by Grigg and longtime collaborator Grzesiek Czapla, this album's immensity is augmented by a fitting, just-clear-enough mix and master to give Woe a sharp sonic edge. Encouraged by his bandmates Czapla, Matt Mewton, and Lev Weinstein, who is featured at choice moments, Grigg's songwriting and conceptual vision overtook Woe, resulting in a powerful, furious album.

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