VACATION 'Forever In Bloom' LP


The long-awaited second album, Forever In Bloom from Newcastle's VACATIONS. Colour vinyl - gatefold jacket!

While their previous single ‘Lavender’ was an affirmation of self-belief, ‘Panache’ manifests as the line in the sand where the band’s artistic endeavour takes its next bold step. Hooky from the get go, ‘Panache’ – with production once again care of Holy Holy’s Oscar Dawson – hitches itself to the mast of a strutting bass groove that sets sail toward Vacations’ most radio friendly chorus yet. Doubling down on Campbell Burns’ plangent delivery, Sarah Sykes from Sydney band Sunscreen brings an ethereal air to the proceedings with a sweet vocal collab delivering ‘Panache’ to what is the highest watermark of their creative tide thus far.

Forever In Bloom, the band’s second full-length record is slated for release on the 18th of September this year and is the culmination 12 months hard work, defining and refining the band’s guitar pop blueprint. To reserve yourself a copy on awesome translucent yellow vinyl with blue splatter, hit buy now!

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