TOXIC 'All Terrain/ Cruiser' Skateboard Wheel 59mm 80a


Toxic Logo Wheels in MED durometer made in ALL-TERRAIN urethane formula. These provide ultimate flexibility and grip for smooth rides on all surfaces.

These are perfect for whatever surface life throws at you. From riding to the corner store or taking on a pump track or park. Great for rough terrain but still much grippier than typical cruiser wheels. (Same formula as other “ATF” Wheels) For the park or the street, our 80a durometer all-terrain formula stands up to asphalt and still keeps you gripped to concrete.

Wheel Color: Blue
Graphic: Toxic Logo (one-side)
Durometer (Hardness): MED-SOFT 80a
Dimensions: 59mm with 39mm contact area
Packaging: set of 4
Made in the USA

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