THEE OH SEES 'Warm Slime' LP


Refining the rockin' stylings of their most recent output, the Bay Area's Thee Oh Sees return to In The Red with a brand new album that might just be the last word in all this ramshackle, '60s garage nostalgia. I mean, it won't be, but it probably should be. These guys have totally nailed this sound, crafting immaculately raucous reverbed-to-the-hilt punk-pop gems at every turn. Perhaps as a measure of their confidence, opening cut 'Warm Slime' goes on for a captivating thirteen-and-a-half minutes, all the while avoiding anything so everyday or predictable as a guitar solo. instead the instruments focus on rhythmic, occasionally bluesy figures that provide a grounding for jumpy 2/4 beats and kooky, space echo-ed vocals. After this masterstroke of psychedelic minimalism the band proceed with a more customary series of adrenaline-pumping, teeth-rattling miniatures, each one packing a feelgood payoff that sets them right at the front of the scuzz-pop pack.

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