THEE OH SEES 'Sucks Blood' LP


The sixth full-length album from Thee Oh Sees is now back in print on John Dwyer’s own Castle Face imprint. Produced by Kelly Stoltz using all the green energy (no joke), Sucks Blood exudes mellow vibes. Now including digital download code!

“Following last year’s Cool Death of Island Raiders, it looks like John Dwyer and his Oh Sees outfit have adjusted to the afterlife quite well. They’ve returned undead with Sucks Blood, five albums deep and showing marked im- provement in the studio, honing in on their blend of reverb- soaked twang pop and crafting an album that finally lives up to the group’s potential.... [T]hey’ve taken this opportunity to tone it down a bit, settling into something resembling folk music for ghosts. The sounds hang in eternal limbo, kicking rocks out of relentless boredom and shuffling to guitar jangles in the corner, cobwebs overhead and a hol- low memory of life in the San Francisco sunshine.” —Dusted, 2007

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