THE TRIFFIDS 'Born Sandy Devotional' LP


Immerse yourself in the genre-defying brilliance of The Triffids' Born Sandy Devotional. This 1986 masterpiece seamlessly blends folk, rock, and post-punk, creating an unforgettable sonic experience. The haunting vocals of David McComb, coupled with lush instrumentals, make each track a journey through atmospheric landscapes. Own a piece of musical history on limited edition yellow vinyl, and let The Triffids' timeless sounds resonate in a whole new way.

1. The Seabirds
2. Estuary Bed
3. Chicken Killer
4. Tarrilup Bridge
5. Lonely Stretch
6. Wide Open Road
7. Life of Crime
8. Personal Things
9. Stolen Property 1
10. Tender Is the Night (The Long Fidelity) 1

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