THE SNAKES 'The Snakes' LP


The Snakes: future, past, present punk. Outsider rock n roll for the greedy listener. De ja vu punk with satisfying sounds, dirty rhythms and shrieking tones. Cohesive blend of L.A. sleeze, post punk and pop. Melbourne based with new and old faces. On Anti Fade Records so ya know it's good!

Snakes perform reptile rock with flange and overdrive, shrill budget keys and cowboy swing drumbeats. Snakes are Steph Cheeseman, Charlotte Zarb, Jimmy McGarrie, James Dadd and Lewis Hodgson.

Casual bangers include Snakes Bday, Solid Income and Pop Song that fit in with the likes of your Richard Hells, your Gun Clubs and your Electric Eelses.

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