THE PRETTY THINGS 'The Pretty Things' LP


THE PRETTY THINGS 'The Pretty Things' - 180 Gram Heavyweight Vinyl. Originally released in 1965, their legendary debut, attempting to outdo The Stones with gritty versions of Bo Diddley songssuch as Road Runner recorded way up in the red. Housed in a picture sleeve, and remains factory sealed in the hype-stickered shrink)

Not only did this challenge the Stones on the British R&B front, it probably beat them. If ever a band deserved to be huge, it was The Pretty Things, but a combination of circumstances conspired against them and thwarted their rightful place as superstars at the time. From this very first outing to their latest and last recordings, this band have always produced quality output and are perhaps now finally getting the respect they'd always deserved.

01. Road Runner
02. Judgement Day
03. 13 Chester Street
04. Big City
05. Unknown Blues
06. Mama, Keep Your Big Mouth Shut
07. Honey, I Need
08. Oh Baby Doll
09. She's Fine She's Mine
10. Don't Lie To Me
11. The Moon Is Rising
12. Pretty Thing

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