THE MEANIES 'Televolution' LP


Bang! Records present the first vinyl edition of The Meanies 'Televolution' (a collection of all their early hits & more!), originally released on CD in 1994. Australian legends of grunge punk pop did their only release in USA back in the early '90s and, as if could be done another way, it was released in Seattle, land of their friends Mudhoney, Nirvana, Pearl Jam.

A1 Scum
A2 Dark Side Of My Mind
A3 Emulator
A4 Gangrenous
A5 Never
A6 Lyin
A7 Record Sale
A8 Don't Smile
A9 Reason Why
B1 Operator
B2 Wonderland
B3 Them
B4 Round In Circle
B5 Try History
B6 What Am I To Do
B7 Lay Your Body Down
B8 Paranoid
B9 Groovie Meanies

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