THE FACTION 'Corpse In Disguise' 12"


Beer City Records is proud to reissue The Faction - "Corpse In Disguise" 12"ep. This is the third Faction record ever released, originally coming out in 1984 and as a 7" limited to 1,500 copies. This is now being reissued as a 12"ep, restored and remastered for a louder, better sound then ever before. This also contains three extra songs that were not on the original ("Pegged For Life" and "The Demons" originally were on the "From The Valley Within" 7" compilation, and "The Brain" was recorded but not included). All these songs were recorded in the same session, thus finally making this record complete. This record also contains a sick inner sleeve complete with lyrics. To top it all off, only 1,500 of these were pressed on translucent blue vinyl!

1. Corpse In Disguise
2. Friends & Enemies
3. 100 Year War
4. The Brain
5. Pegged For Life
6. The Demons

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