Continuing in The Estranged's tradition of mutating and evolving with each subsequent release, the new album is an epic, sprawling masterpiece of tense, ominous, angst-ridden postpunk. They've heavily toned down both the Wipers influence of the first album and the blatant death-rock vibe of the second. Instead, this one finds the band establishing a streamlined, punchier sound that both rocks a little harder than the last album while retaining some of the textured soundscape feel which fans of that record have come to expect. The influences on their newest album range from The Cure to Echo & The Bunnymen to The Troggs. Lyrically, they have more of an ambiguous, angst-ridden approach, musically showing the band's continued maturity in their songwriting and recording process. A must for fans of WIPERS, INFINITE VOID, ROYAL HEADACHE etc...

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