THE DACIOS 'Beyond The Bottom Hour' LP


The long awaited 2nd album from Melbourne's THE DACIOS.

The current Dacios line up sees the return of original member Robert ‘Pops’ Johnson on drums, the introduction of noise guitar maestro Bonnie Mercer and the reunion of bass player Mindy Mapp, with Bean and Linda J who formerly all played together in Little Ugly Girls. In the past six months The Dacios have been playing around town, giving people a sample of their new material and garnering rave reviews.

“The Dacios are heavy the way the MC5 were heavy – not just a raucous and groovy band that kicked jams, but a band that uses lyrics and riffs to scream and rant at the heavens, or to tear and claw at the soul.” – Michael Stasiak (Best Tape Ever)


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