Hee Haw is the second release by the Australian post-punk band The Boys Next Door (later renamed The Birthday Party). The Hee Haw 12" was originally released in 1979 by the independent label, Missing Link Records. Black/ White/ Red colour vinyl!

A1 Mr. Clarinet 3:47
A2 Happy Birthday 3:50
A3 Hats On Wrong 2:40
A4 Guilt Parade 2:52
A5 The Friend Catcher 4:22
A6 Waving My Arms 2:15
B1 Catman 2:27
B2 Riddle House 2:42
B3 A Catholic Skin 2:25
B4 The Red Clock 2:47
B5 Faint Heart 2:51
B6 Death By Drowning 3:10
B7 The Hair Shirt 4:05

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