Good Time is TEENANGER boiled down to its very essence. A lean and muscular eight-song album that is the sound of a band who simultaneously has everything and nothing to prove. It’s what happens when seasoned songwriters flex their chops in an environment that fosters boundless creativity. It is also Teenanger’s most fun album. Choruses soar to previously unattained heights, descending to a rhythmically fertile ground to pull earworms that will stick inside listeners’ heads for days. If its songs were citizens, they would reside in a diplomatically neutral city-state, melting pots of art rock, pop, dub, post-punk and new wave. The music of Good Time certainly elicits pleasure, but lyrically things are more weighty. The band does not shy away from its commentary on contemporary issues. There are calls to reject societal norms, ruminations on humanity’s obsession with technology and warnings about our impact on the environment.

Teenanger never gets too earnest, delivering everything with an irreverence that has been there since day one. Good Time captures a pivotal point for Teenanger. The decision was made to take a leap of faith, leaving the confines of their past and moving into a space they could call their own. This allowed the band members to embrace a new way of making music and existing together. They may have almost died in Studio Z, instead they were reborn.

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