TEEN IDLES 'Teen Idles - Anniversary' 7"


THE TEEN IDLES (NATHAN STEJCEK, GEORDIE GRINDLE, IAN MAKAYE and JEFF NELSON) founded Dischord Records in 1980 with the release of the "Minor Disturbance" 8-song 7-inch (Dischord #1), so it seemed appropriate that Dischord celebrated its 100th release in 1996 with a second single from the band 16 years later. This record consists of songs taken from practice tapes and early demos recorded in late 1979 to mid-1980. The music on this record was released not because we feel the songs are particularly amazing or necessary, rather it's because we think they are funny and cool, and because they represent us as we were: a bunch of high school punk rockers. The Teen Idles certainly didn't intend to start a label, only to put out a record, but it was a decision that led to at least 30 years of new bands and releases and the documentation of a community here in Washington DC.

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