STRANGE COLOURS 'Future's Almost Over' LP

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It’s been a spell over 20 years since Toronto’s Andrew Moszynski sat down and hatched The Deadly Snakes with some pals, enlisting Greg Cartwright (né OBLIVIAN) to oversee the infancy of that slithering unit, producing their first LP on SFTRI and becoming a full-time Snake by the second album on In The Red Recordings, adding his raw musical charm and cruising along as a tour van victim in support of it. It was a legendary collaboration to say the least. The Deadly Snakes, never aping anyone’s sound or style, got rubbed the right way and seasoned to perfection by Mr. O, and had quite the career releasing two more albums to global critical acclaim, because garage rock message board geeks are the ultimate critics of gar(b)age rock music. The band dissolved in 2006, and the geek world has been waiting with bated beer breath for more rock’n’roll action of the caliber dat dem Sneks heaped upon us so long ago.

Fast forward to NOW, baby, and Mr. Moszynski the skins pumm’ler has assembled a crushing new crew o’ Canucks featuring Ryan Rothwell of Pow Wows (Get Hip Recordings) on guitar, bass and vocals, Chris McCann strumming and tweaking the 2nd git, and Jay Lemak fingering the organ and Fender Rhodes with much finesse. And Slovenly gripped their debut recordings, the “Future’s Almost Over” LP by STRANGE COLOURS, and we’ve been rubbing our knuckles and grinding our teeth in crazed anticipation of this glorious album’s release ever since. Ten tracks of Solid, Soulful and Swirling Stomp with four capital S’s. New music presented the old way… the RIGHT way! There’s zero “retro” here. Rock’n’roll is one thing and one thing only. It’s never been broke and can’t be fixed! From the dance floor vitriol of album opener “Get In Line,” to the timeless melody and gallop of “The Phantom,” continuing for the duration, and saying what they want to say at every turn. There’s no compromise here. It just doesn’t exist in rock’n’roll.

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