STEREOLAB 'Refried Ectoplasm - Switched On Volume 2' 2LP


STEREOLAB 'Refried Ectoplasm - Switched On Volume #2' - double LP! Includes the classic SL tracks 'French Disko' and 'Lo Boob Oscillator'.

By the summer of 1995, the musical landscape had changed considerably, and so too had Stereolab's line up. While founders Laetitia Sadier and Tim Gane remained at the forefront of the operation, band members came and went at regular intervals. What this ensured was the band's constantly evolving sound continued to develop at an even faster rate of knots, so while many of their contemporaries wallowed in Britpop nostalgia, Stereolab pushed the envelope even further. Refried Ectoplasm documents the next step of an ever-expansive journey into the musical unknown. The two collaborations here with Nurse In Wound make particularly interesting listening.

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