SPICE WORLD 'There's No I In' LP


Spice World are a 4-piece band formed on Whadjuk Noongar Boodja (Fremantle, WA) for a one-night-only performance in early 2021 before their drummer Julia had to rush back to Melbourne a few days later. This performance was surprisingly well-received and so Spice World continued with occasional shows, sometimes in a more soft-edged trio format. When Julia returned to Perth for a Christmas visit in 2021 they decided to capture the sound of the band in full. But time was running out before Julia had to leave again - so, they set up for a day of recording in their living room. With little knowledge of recording a band, this ten-track album was recorded all completely live in just 5 hours.

Endearingly scrappy, Spice World perform DIY, ad-hoc pop music that is sometimes sad and sometimes silly, but always offered in earnest. They bring a punk mindset and laissez faire approach to sun-drenched kitchen table music. Join in whenever you want!

SPICE WORLD are Jonny Burrows, Lyndon Blue, Julia Suddenly. and Rhian Todhunter. Jonny and Lyndon live together at the Wood Street house where the album was recorded, and songs are often created collaboratively during idle moments around the house. Spice World is a group project that operates solely through the joy of working together and the magic of collaboration. Playfulness and friendship are at the heart of this band! Mixed & mastered by Mikey Young.

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