SONNY & THE SUNSETS 'Talent Night At The Ashram' LP

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"Towards the end of the 2000s, a time-portal to 1960’s garage rock must have opened, because out came Thee Oh Sees, White Fence, and Sonny Smith. And while his early early contemporaries only got louder, Smith’s psych music has cooled to a still vintage-sounding, folk-tinged mellow, like a crunchier Mac DeMarco. Smith has always been less concerned with crafting the most fuzzed out rock jams and more with telling the best stories. Every song on the band’s latest, Antenna to the Afterworld, was some sort of hyper-detailed space-age mythology, full of sword-swallowing girls and green blood-splattered martian murders. His sun-kissed record Longtime Companion had him at his best Bob Dylan impression, crooning about his babe the divorcee and reminding everyone of their mortality, as if he were dispelling wisdom around an invisible campfire." - Pitchfork

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