SONIC'S RENDEZVOUS BAND 'Live at Masonic Auditorium 78' LP


The demand from the fans has been met. Here is the LP version of this great live show, remastered from a Maxwell C-90, and including liner notes and photos by Creem photographer Robert Matheu. On a cold January night, the SONIC'S RENDEZVOUS BAND took the stage opening for the RAMONES in the 3,000 plus seat auditorium. They were personally asked to be on the bill by the RAMONES, who had befriended the band on the many occasions they played together at the Second Chance in Ann Arbor. But this night the SRB performed with an urgency previously unheard. Songs include an amazing version of Fred Smith's ''Sweet Nothin''', as well as ''Electrophonic Tonic'', ''Asteroid B-612'', ''Gone With The Dogs'', ''Love And Learn'', ''Song L'' and the classic ''City Slang.'' Spawned from the remnants of the MC5, STOOGES, RATIONALS and the UP, Fred ''Sonic'' Smith (MC5) joined forces with Scott Asheton (Stooges), Scott Morgan (Rationals) and Gary Rasmussen (The Up), to make legendary music that for the most part remained unheard by fans around the world. Until now. A release produced for ROCK-A-RAMA RECORDS by Robert Matheu, nominated for best reissue at the 2008 Detroit Music Awards. ''Sounds like a punk Cream, but with a first-rate singer. A must have for Detroit diehards.'' - Mojo.

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