SLAYER 'Undisputed Attitude' LP


Undisputed Attitude is a collection of punk covers SLAYER recorded and released in 1996 as the follow-up to 1990's Seasons in the Abyss. Executive produced by Rick Rubin and produced by Dave Sardy, the atypical 14-song set features the band's takes on material by Verbal Abuse, T.S.O.L., Minor Threat, D.I., Dr. Know and The Stooges to go along with a few punk-oriented originals from Slayer members.

Disintegration / Free Money
Verbal Abuse / Leeches
Abolish Government / Superficial Love
Can't Stand You
Ddamm (Drunk Drivers Against Mad Mothers)
Guilty Of Being White
I Hate You
Filler / I Don't Want To Hear It
Spiritual Law
Sick Boy
Mr. Freeze
Violent Pacification
Richard Hung Himself
I'm Gonna Be Your God (I Wanna Be Your Dog)

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