In 1988, with the youth-crew movement in full swing, SLAPSHOT was just breaking out up in Boston, MA, fronted by Choke of Negative FX and Last Rites fame. They took the straight edge theme and put a much more negative spin on it than what was going on in New York and Connecticut, and had a decidedly more punk sound too. "Step On It" was the first LP from this now-legendary crew. Now available again on White vinyl.

1. Step On It
2. Chameleon
3. No Time Left
4. You've Lost It (CD only bonus track)
5. Kill For A Drink (LP only bonus track)
6. Show The Way
7. The Same Mistake
8. No Friend Of Mine
9. I've Had Enough
10. Could It Be
11. No Guts No Glory
12. Rise And Fall
13. Hang Up Your Boots
14. Enforcer

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