SEPULTURA 'Chaos A.D - Expanded' 2LP


Special expanded, double LP version of SEPULTURA's heavy weight album 'Chaos A.D'. EU import.

SEPULTURA Chaos a.d. (Expanded Edition) (2lp)

A1 Refuse/Resist 3:19
A2 Territory 4:47
A3 Slave New World 2:54
A4 Amen 4:27
A5 Kaiowas 3:43
A6 Propaganda 3:32
B1 Biotech Is Godzilla 1:52
B2 Nomad 4:58
B3 We Who Are Not As Others 3:42
B4 Manifest 4:46
B5 The Hunt 3:59
B6 Clenched Fist 4:57
C1 Chaos B.C. 5:12
C2 Symptom Of The Universe (Black Sabbath cover) 4:15
C3 Inhuman Nature 3:08
C4 Policia 1:46
C5 Crucificados Pelo Sistema 1:04
C6 Propaganda (Instrumental Writing Session) 1:52
C7 Clenched Fist (Instrumental Writing Session Ver. 2) 2:52
D1 Refuse/Resist (live) 3:50
D2 Slave New World (live) 3:06
D3 Propaganda (live) 3:25
D4 Kaiowas (live) 2:18
D5 Clenched Fist (live) 3:38
D6 Biotech Is Godzilla (live) 2:08
D7 Territory (live) 4:48

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