Sweet Oblivion is Screaming Trees' sixth studio album, released on September 8, 1992. The recording was the band's highest landmark in terms of album sales, and was the closest they came to ever achieving mainstream success. Sweet Oblivion sold in excess of 300,000 copies on the strength of "Nearly Lost You." The band's biggest hit, it benefited from an appearance on Singles: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, a Top Ten, platinum-selling hit album which featured many other popular Seattle-based music acts from the period. Screaming Trees were formed in Ellensburg, Washington in 1985 by vocalist Mark Lanegan, guitarist Gary Lee Conner, bass player Van Conner and drummer Mark Pickerel. Pickerel. Although widely associated with grunge, the band's sound incorporated hard rock and psychedelic elements.

1. Shadow Of The Season 4:34
2. Nearly Lost You 4:07
3. Dollar Bill 4:35
4. More Or Less 3:11
5. Butterfly 3:22
6. For Celebrations Past 4:09
1. The Secret Kind 3:08
2. Winter Song 3:43
3. Troubled Times 5:20
4. No One Knows 5:13
5. Julie Paradise 5:05

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