SAMHAIN 'November Coming Fire' LP


The second album from one of Glenn Danzig’s many legendary outfits is pure horror punk from start to finish. From the chamber music drenched Diabolos ’88, through to the furious punk of Human Pony Girl, this album is Danzig at his finest. While Danzig is best known for his stints in Misfits and his own solo projects, this album is a timely reminder of his undoubted talent.

A1 Diabolos ’88
A2 In My Grip
A3 Mother Of Mercy
A4 Birthright
A5 To Walk The Night
A6 Let The Day Begin

B1 Halloween II
B2 Novembers Fire
B3 Kiss Of Steel
B4 Unbridled
B5 Human Pony Girl

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