White colour vinyl! Out via Spoilsport Records.

Quality Used Cars is a project built around the idiosyncratic songwriting and warbling vocal of Francis Tait and brought to life by a band of hard-working familiar faces from within Narrm’s bubbling underground music communities.

In early 2021, Quality Used Cars released their debut album ‘Good Days/Bad Days’ through Spoilsport Records, putting full focus on Francis’ charismatic storytelling, over a backdrop that blends sunny Australiana with alt-country tenderness and scrappy garage-pop smarts.

Following their head-turning, stand out performance at Boogie 15 in April 2022 and developing a reliable, dedicated fan base,‘The Cars’ dropped the joyously evocative, narrative-driven ‘Me and Damon Drinking Beers at the Grandview Hotel’ and the more subtle, introspective second cut ‘I’ve Never Felt More Alive’, in anticipation of their second album ‘Quality of Life’, to be released mid 2023 through Spoilsport Records.

“I felt like Good Days/Bad Days got a little bit sad and in my own head, so I tried to practice a little more optimism when writing this new album. The whole album spirals around the idea of finding yourself in the world and being content with where and who you are, and this song feels like a centrepiece to all of that for me.” - Francis Tait

“Over these past few years I think I’ve become so used to the paired-down Aussie sound that entering the fertile ground of ‘Good Days/Bad Days’ is like a cool drink of water after not realizing how parched you’ve become.” - Raven Sings The Blues

“Francis Tait has quietly established himself as one of Melbourne’s most uncanny songwriters.” - Beat Magazine

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