Water On Mars is the fourth full length from fuzz/ psych-pop group PURLING HISS - out via Drag City. A Check out if you dig the noises of Dinosaur Jr, Wooden Shjips, Milk Music ++

"Purling Hiss started off as the solo side-project of Mike Polizze, then the guitarist of Philadelphia free-form heavy rock outfit, Birds of Maya. His first release, a self-titled CD-R that was later pressed to LP, didn’t stray far from that band’s sound. The songs, which were recorded to a cassette four-track, were simple and spontaneous-- thick with blistering solos, bluesy churn, and lo-fi gristle. But deep down in the murk, Polizze stashed a handful of great hooks. On Public Service Announcement, his third LP under the name, but his oldest set of recordings, the guitarist spliced his fuzz-addled leads into three chord pop songs that recalled 90s classic rock apologists like Dinosaur Jr. and Meat Puppets." - Pitchfork

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