PUBLIC IMAGE LTD 'What The World Needs Now' 2LP


Finally back in print! 'What The World Needs Now' is a terrific record; more confident, arrogant, surprising, consistent and artistic than 2012’s rather fine This Is PiL (which hewed just a little too closely to evoking the group’s past), the new album validates the idea that PiL are a vital and evolving art rock band with an identity entirely separate from both the Sex Pistols and the more “commercial” ’83-’92 ideations of PiL.

1. Double Trouble
2. Know Now
3. Bettie Page
4. C'est La Vie
5. Spice of Choice
6. The One
7. Big Blue Sky
8. Whole Life Time
9. I'm Not Satisfied
10. Corporate
11. Shoom

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