PHIL & THE TILES 'Double Happiness' LP


Phil and the Tiles are a rarity, an organic and genuine reflection of their surroundings. A gang of reprobates. A collection of cynical trippers. Shitheads. They know how to get a room going on a Friday night. With a rotation of members and ethos over the last few years it seems Phil and the Tiles have landed on current lineup of Reef Williams, Vocals and poet to the masses, Matt Powell, Bass and vibe regulator, Andre Piciocchi, Drums and Italian, Charlotte Zarb, Keyboardist and sonic visionary, Hattie Gleeson, Vox/Guitarist, commander in charge and mystery man Reilly Gaynor on the Lead Guitar. With their new record 'Double Happiness' released with Legless early next year it seems things are really on the up for these fashionable young punks. Only one can imagine the true havoc this will wreak on the squares and blockheads of the world. For fans of the true shit, Germs, Sardine V, UV Race, Institute, Zounds, Crass and of course The Snakes. - Lewis Hodgson (Civic)