PETER BUCK 'Peter Buck' LP


First solo LP by none other than former R.E.M guitarist & friend Peter Buck. Believe it or not, released on vinyl only by Mississippi Records (No CD or download available anywhere)... & it gets weirder. This LP was cut pure analogue - straight from tape to disc. A real old fashioned freak out record filled with Stooges like crunchy guitar riffs, strange atmospheric sounds, far out dark lyrics & some catchy pop hooks here & there. Peter & various friends you've probably heard of gathered at Type Foundry Studio here in Portland & laid out this record fast & furious. A real madcap journey of a record put together with nothing but love & a sense of immediacy. Peter & friends are taking things back to a simpler time when you could walk down to your local record shop/label & say, ''hey, check out my new wanna put it out?'' We said, ''Sure!'' Straight from the heart - here tis'. Limited edition LP not to be missed.

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