ORION 'Orion' LP

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"Orion take feelings that have been long left to gestate, and let them escape with torque. Vocalist Yuta Matsumura, guitarist Chris Colla, bassist Kerem Daldal, and synth player Sarah Davis have previously explored misanthropy and thuggery with Oily Boys, Whores, Low Life and M.O.B., but Orion has the Sydney four-piece take on pop music, albeit with the subtly aggressive air you’d expect of their lineage. Through a programmed drum machine, flange-laden guitars and bass hooks as infectious as their vocal melodies, Orion pair restless anxieties with surges of emotion. Songs of insecurity and desperation swing from the celebratory to the tragic with one shift in intonation, and the band connect to those sentiments with vigor. Known for their zealous local following in Sydney, Orion lead their audiences to physical reactions on par with the hardcore acts they grew up with in Sydney’s underground, and this record captures that: regret you can relate to, and bitterness you’d rather not be reminded of."  (Max Easton)

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