NRBQ 'Tiddlywinks' LP


Expanded reissue of NRBQ's 1980 classic featuring the hits “Me And The Boys,” “Never Take The Place Of You,” plus four bonus tracks.

Over a decade into their career, NRBQ entered Bearsville Studios and recorded their eighth album. The line-up featured Terry Adams (keyboards), Joey Spampinato (bass), Tom Ardolino (drums) and Al Anderson (guitar), plus The Whole Wheat Horns (Donn Adams and Keith Spring). The end result was Tiddlywinks, which contained the singles “Me And The Boys” and “Never Take The Place Of You.” It immediately became another fan favorite NRBQ classic album, and provided an entry point for new a new audience to come on board as “Me And The Boys” garnered repeat airplay on radio stations across the country.

Now, over four decades later, Tiddlywinks returns. This time, four bonus tracks are added to the mix; “I Don’t Think Of…” and “Big Goodbyes”—recorded during the Tiddlywinks sessions and released on 1983’s Tapdancin’ Bats collection, plus the controversial TV and Radio Spots originally issued on the flip side of the “Never Take The Place Of You” 7” single.

Featuring updated artwork and liner notes from original engineer Tom Mark (who had worked with the band on At Yankee Stadium), the Tiddlywinks experience is now complete. From Mark’s liner notes: “Working with those guys was such a pleasure. We always had fun. Four amazing musician/writers really listening to each other, what else do you want? Thank you NRBQ.”

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