NIRVANA 'Live At Reading' 2LP


Capture the iconic spirit of one of the world's most iconic bands with NIRVANA - Live At Reading Vinyl. This critically acclaimed 1992 live album from grunge pioneers Nirvana offers an intimate glimpse into the band's "Nevermind" tour, featuring songs like "Smells Like Teen Spirit", "Lithium" and many more. Experience the magic of the moment in pure analog sound.

A1 Breed 3:12
A2 Drain You 3:38
A3 Aneurysm 4:35
A4 School 2:43
A5 Sliver 2:06
A6 In Bloom 4:36
B1 Come As You Are 3:36
B2 Lithium 4:21
B3 About A Girl 2:51
B4 Tourette's 1:50
B5 Polly 2:48
B6 Lounge Act 2:36
C1 Smells Like Teen Spirit 4:45
C2 On A Plain 3:00
C3 Negative Creep 2:52
C4 Been A Son 2:13
C5 All Apologies 3:09
C6 Blew 3:19
D1 Dumb 2:32
D2 Stay Away 3:32
D3 Spank Thru 3:06
D4 The Money Will Roll Right In 2:16
D5 D-7 (Wipers) 3:43
D6 Territorial Pissings 4:29

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