NIRVANA 'At The End Of Lonely Street' LP


Limited to /400 copies!!! A collection of demos from the very beginning of the band through 1992, never before released on vinyl. Some recorded in bedrooms while the band was still playing bars, others in studios while they were touring the world. Every song a must have. Packaged in a gorgeous full color sleeve // EU import.

A1 If You Must
A2 Pen Cap Chew
A3 Dive
A4 They Hung Him On A Cross
A5 Token Eastern Song
A6 Polly
A7 Here She Comes Now
B1 Even In His Youth
B2 Aneurysm
B3 Ain't It A Shame
B4 Blandest
B5 Pay To Play
B6 Drain You
B7 Grey Goose

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