NIGHT BIRDS 'Fresh Kills Vol.1' LP

$25.00 $32.00

Hopefully you've heard NIGHT BIRDS by now, as they've made a name for themselves over the past year with three incredible 7"s and a killer live show. In preparation for their full-length LP, "The Other Side of Darkness" due out summer 2011, we decided to give you all a little recap just in case you need to play catch-up before the LP hits. This CD compiles the first two years of the band's existence; including their 2009 demo, the "Killer Waves" 7" on Art of the Underground, the "Self-Titled" EP on Dirtnap / Grave Mistake, and the very recently released "Midnight Movies" 7" on No Way Records. If you have yet to check out NIGHT BIRDS, then this might be a perfect starting point because you get it all at once! 15 songs in all, packaged in a concise layout with flyers, photos, and lyrics. These Jersey boys take all of the best elements from bands like ADOLESCENTS, D.I., AGENT ORANGE, and DEAD KENNEDYS (to name a few), to create some of the most infectious snotty surf-influenced hardcore punk this side of Rikk Agnew's cat corpse. There is no doubt that the NIGHT BIRDS are going to be the soundtrack to your summer so get hip to 'em now or pose hard later!

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