NATHAN ROCHE 'Drink Up, Rainforest Sinatra' LP


And so, after a 6-year break between solo albums, and splitting his time between the day jobs of Le Villejuif Underground and C.I.A Debutante, Nathan Roche returns with "Drink Up, Rainforest Sinatra" his first full-length garage-crooner since 2015, and a full-blown collaboration with Guillaume Rottier (Rendez-vous, Qúetzal Snåkes) recorded with a motley crew cast of characters from the bouches-du-rhone and Zak Olsen (Frowning Clouds, Orb) it is a return to loose-lacklustre-boozy-technicolour form following the EPs, "Smoke The Boat" and "Piano, Woman and Bicycle".......

If you asked for the damned ghosts of Chilton, Fowley, Ayers to appear drenched in Australian drawl with a saturated pastis-flavoured French touch, then you've ordered the right cocktail. As a forgotten blog once said of his tomfoolery, "it's sloppy beyond belief. Like some sort of mix between a depressing Leonard Cohen country jam and a dirty house party 'band' playing their first and last EVER show. Drunkey, bluesy and punky."

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