MIKEY YOUNG 'You Feelin' Me' LP


Purple colour vinyl!

The path is finally revealed by a splash of light, and it is dazzling. You cover your eye-bones with a claw and can make out a reflection of the perfect being-there is a whiff of you in there. There is a bit of everyone in there. There are cars and bells and birds and fruits and water and night skies and laughter and heavy woe... motioning for you to dive in. All things are in this ethos swirling in it's core. This album is the armored nucleus of sound and vision; it carries you along on it's lumbering back, it tosses you through space and pulls you down a hole... a trip indeed! Mikey Young (Total Control, Eddy Current Suppression Ring) can do no wrong in our eyes and he has held the door open for you again (a gentleman, as always). Listen up, the higher power music hour has cracked their mighty knuckles and laid down some deep trips for you to view the city swaying and swarming like a field of grass flecked with insect transport.

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