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Foregoing the more conventional structures of his previous solo ventures, ‘Curtains’ is a gorgeous exploration of soundscapes and scenes from behind the eyelids of Mikey Young.

Finding its beginnings in San Francisco as demonstrations for a film score, the subtleties and complexities of Young's minimalism work here as a kind of sonic collage made of dulcet synth lines and percussive loops. A wonderful magic eye illustration for the ears, piecing together sounds that initially seem only faintly connected, slowly coming into focus as you let go and begin to see and understand the secret paintings.

Deeply textured tones carve an instrumental narrative; delaying, staggering, layerin’ and repeatin’ sounds created through soft synths, an OP-1, acoustic and electric guitars, and a Linnstrument. The balancing-act-arrangement of each vignette sets a backdrop primed for melodies to dance about and float above or sink into the landscape. Melodies that are, like a familiar dance partner, equally happy to follow or to lead.

This meeting of Sun Ra’s magnificent Arkestra, Eddy’s invisible current, and Klaus Shultz’s tangerine flavoured dream is a rich addition to the tapestry of which Mikey Young is an important part.

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