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The passage of years hasn't dampened the genius of Michael Hurley at all – and in some ways, he's able to be even more personal, more expressive than ever – yet in even gentler styles than before! At some level, the record's a masterpiece of acoustic guitar lines, ala John Fahey or Robbie Basho – cut from similar cloth, in a post-historic way – but at another level, Hurley's use of vocals gives the whole thing a home-crafted sense of tune that opens a window to Michael's inner psyche, and reminds us that years before Bonnie Prince Billy or any other contemporary songsmiths, Hurley was doing it all on his own. Titles include "The Moon Song", "Kentucky 3", "Tender Is The Guitar", "Boone & Jocko", "Lo Bonney", and "Moonman Newfie".

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