Sydney trio Mere Women have been creeping about, playing warehouses, record stores and bar shows since their inception in 2011. Pulsating with dark, dreamy tones and restless energy, Mere Women deliver a confident, focused style of post-punk that ensnares the listener and takes them on an introspective and haunting journey.

On 'Your Town' the band have honed in on a more cohesive post-punk sound, tracking the songs in the wino capital of Central West NSW - Orange. Captured in a makeshift cold-storage studio, the album is framed by a deep natural reverb and tonal warmth. Through the bands' red wine fuelled haze, Tim Carr captured ten tracks of clear, concise performances in the freezing, ill-lit warehouse.

Tense and teasing, building and then burning down, Mere Women are the stuff of late nights, fuelled by red wine and words and sounds. A must for fans of Love Of Diagrams, Joy Division, Harmony and alike.

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