Reissue of the third MARKED MEN LP, which shows the band's pop sensibilities in full bloom. Not only are the Marked Men one of our very favorite bands of the '00s, but at this point we'd put 'em up there as one of Texas' great musical exports. Originally issued on Swami Records in 2006, this release put the Marked Men on many people's radar, and remains some folks' favorite to this day.

Unfortunately, this thing has been unavailable for quite some time (especially the vinyl), so we thought we'd do you a favor and make this available once again. You can thank us later. And if you think we're done milking the Marked Men thing now, you, my friend, are sadly mistaken. Look for several more MM related titles coming out in 2010, including a new High Tension Wires LP, Potential Johns 7-inch (yes, it's really coming out), and a 7-inch from Mark Ryan's new project, which doesn't have a name yet, but rules." - Ken (Dirtnap)

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