MAJIC SHIP 'Majic Ship' LP


Majic Ship - Majic Ship LP. Mixing fuzzed-out hard-rock with tinges of psychedelia, Majic Ship's only album from 1970 is a classic from the US private press/psych scene. Raw fuzz guitars, organ, and soulful-melodic vocals on nine original tracks plus their homage to Neil Young/ Stephen Stills on the 11-minute cover of 'Down By The River'/'For What It's Worth.' With original copies changing hands for hundreds of dollars, here's a legit straight vinyl reissue, featuring new remastered sound and insert with detailed liner notes. Comes with original artwork in hard cardboard sleeve + OBI. Remastered sound. Insert with liner notes.

"Surging full steam ahead with hard rocking psychedelic sounds, 'Majic Ship' is further enriched by firm musicianship and competent songwriting" ~Beverly Paterson (It's Psychedelic Baby).

1. Sioux City Blues
2. Wednesday Morning Dew
3. Life's Lonely Road
4. We Gotta Live On
5. Where Are We Going
6. Free
1. Down By The River/For What It's Worth
2. Nightmare
3. Too Much

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