MAGIC DIRT 'Young & Full Of The Devil ' 2LP


Translucent Purple colour vinyl. Double LP.

Leaving behind the brooding, introspective mood of Friends In Danger, Magic Dirt discharge fiercely with the iconic Young And Full Of The Devil, an album of raw power, beauty and assured chaos. Released in April 1998 and drenched in trademark Magic Dirt guitar sounds, and the ever present maelstrom of guttural, desperate vocals, Young And Full Of The Devil is also a return to their earlier more melodic roots. Lyrically it explores personal demons, rebellion, and surviving dysfunctional families. Written over a few months in a flurry of creativity in their rundown 90's share house in Melbourne, the band were focussed on building a new momentum.

1. Babycakes
2. Short Black
3. What Have I Done?
4. Babycakes You Always Freeze Me Up
5. X-Ray
6. Shrinko
7. She-Riff
8. These Drugs Are Really Starting to Fuck Me Over
9. Ascot Red
10. Rabbit With Fangs

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